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Your desire to enter a criminal justice career will make many demands upon your time and even on your physical strength. Career options within crinimal justice often demand law backgrounds and the ability to be physically fit as well. Although some careers, such as a police officer, may ask only for a high school diploma or a GED depending upon the location of the job, these jobs will never pay as much money as a criminology job that demands a college education.Many careers, such as the CIA agent, ATF agent, DEA agent, criminalist or U.S. Marshal demand the minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Your chances of success in these careers will be enhanced if you pursue a four-year degree in law, criminology, forensic sciences, social work and other courses that lead to a criminal justice career. Sometimes the best way to learn what you need to study is to learn more about the job you wish to pursue.

If you want to pursue a career as a criminologist, then you’ll need to obtain a master’s degree in criminology. This is a requirement. When you need to obtain a master’s degree for any criminal justice job, the job you choose will dictate the courses you need to take. Some jobs may lean more toward social work, while others may lean toward a focus on forensic sciences or psychology.

The most flexible job in criminal justice might be the FBI agent. To pursue a career with the FBI, you must obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but your focus can range from accounting to foreign languages. However, you also will need to obtain at least three years of experience in a law-related field.

The bachelor’s and master’s degrees are essential, as many jobs prefer applicants who have some experience in law, foreign languages, and sciences. Additionally, training after a college education is essential, especially for special agent jobs with the FBI or CIA. In this case, you will travel to either Quantico, Virginia or Glynco, Georgia to train for these careers once accepted.

Finally, a military stint may be helpful for many jobs, as your experience as a soldier will provide you with skills needed in many criminal justice jobs.

No matter which criminal justice job you choose, each one demands a well-rounded education. Additionally, many jobs demand physical and mental fitness and emotional stamina. These jobs are not taken lightly, and they are sometimes stressful. But, a career in criminal justice also can be highly rewarding.

Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Kaplan University
AS in Criminal Justice
BS in Criminal Justice
MS in Criminal Justice

Kaplan University — Kaplan University is one of the largest accredited online colleges, and it offers a wide range of degree programs in the field of criminal justice. These programs include associates, bachelors, and masters in criminal justice, with possible specialties (depending on degree level) in Computer Crime, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Law, and Global Issues.
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Ashford University
BA in Criminal Justice
BACJ in Homeland Security
BACJ in Corrections Mgmt
BACJ in Forensics
BACJ in Government

Ashford University — For students seeking a quick way to advance their careers or even start them, Ashford University has recently added several online programs in the field of Criminal Justice. Various bachelor degrees are available covering a wide range of specializations, including Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Corrections Management, Forensics, and Government. AU is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Ave, Suite 100, Alameda, California 94501, 510.748.9001,
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DeVry University
BA in Justice Admin
BA in Justice Admin - Emg Mgmt
BA in Tech Mgmt - Criminal Justice

DeVry University — DeVry University has three dynamic, engaging criminal justice degree programs. The BA in Justice Administration explores topics including police, corrections, court, and security operations. The BA in Justice Administration with a specialization in Emgency Management is a four-year program that offers specialization in law enforcement, public safety, disaster management, and planning. The BA in Technical Management with a specialization in Criminal Justice provides training in advanced law technological topics within the field.
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Walden University
BSCJ in Psychology
BSCJ in Admin
MPA in Criminal Justice
PhD in Criminal Justice
PhD CJ in Human Services

Walden University — Walden University is one of the largest providers of college education in the country. Walden takes a practical approach to education by developing curriculum that is industry-driven with assignments that engage students in their coursework. WU has several Criminal Justice degrees available, including BSCJ in Psychology or Administration, MPA in Criminal Justice, and PhD in Criminal Justice or Human Services.
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Liberty University
BS in Criminal Justice

Liberty University — Liberty University is an online university that prepares students for success in their careers following graduation. Liberty University offers two programs in the field, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice, and a B.S. In Multidisciplinary Studies - Criminal Justice.
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