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by Linda on Dec 27, 2009

Criminals and attorneys have one thing in common — they both learn that crimes are punished in varying degrees from state to state and from country to country. The following blogs can provide information from local-level police department blogs to forensic blogs on how criminal justice is meted out from the grassroots level to an international framework. You can learn from perspectives that range from law enforcers to lawyers and professors who deal with criminology and criminal justice on a daily basis.

The blogs listed below were chosen by using keywords and selecting the first ten blogs that appeared in that search. All blogs were further selected by recent status of updates. The links are listed alphabetically within five categories.

Police Department Blogs

  1. Amherst Police Department: This police department, located in Massachusetts, provides news about local crime as well as their positive efforts to help the community.
  2. BPD News: The Boston, Massachusetts police department provides statistics, pleas for help to solve crimes, advice and more on this updated blog.
  3. Chief Hurtt’s Blog: Get the inside scoop on the Houston, Texas, police department activities through the eyes of its Chief of Police.
  4. City of Eden Prairie Police Blog: Located in Minnesota, this small town provides a big blog on crime activities, department news and outreach for its residents.
  5. Dalton Police Blog: Categories in this blog range from arrests to news about a women’s self-defense class. Learn more about this Georgia unit from this blog.
  6. Granby Police Department Blog: This colorful blog is sponsored by the Granby, Massachusetts police department, with updates on traffic conditions, local crime news and police updates.
  7. Inside Lakeland PD: The Lakeland, Florida police department provides stories, updates and office news in this blog.
  8. LAPD Blog: The Los Angeles Police Department in California supplies information about missing persons and crime solving and asks for help in resolving crime in this blog.
  9. SPD Blotter: The Seattle, Washington police department provides updated information on local crime. If you live in the Seattle area, you have the luxury of this blog as well as the Seattle 911 blog listed in the following category.
  10. The Chief’s Corner: Tom Casady, Chief of Police for the Lincoln, Nebraska, police department, provides his insights about local crime and tips on how to protect yourself.

Police and Crime Scene Blogs

  1. Crime Scene: Go behind the police line with the Miami Herald as Jennifer and Andrea fill you in on local crime scene news and investigations.
  2. Crime Scene: This blog is dedicated to the general topics of crimes and crime prevention in Alaska. Sponsored by The Daily News, this blog encourages community engagement.
  3. Crime Scene Blog: Frank Girardot and Brian Day report crime scene news, investigations and justice at this San Gabriel Valley, California, news blog.
  4. Crime Scene KC: Read about local Kansas City crimes and punishments. Categories range from Amber Alerts to “Wrongly Convicted.”
  5. Police Line Blog: The Sun in Massachusetts offers this blog as a resource for local crime news, alerts and crime scene investigations.
  6. Seattle 911: This blog is a hybrid between a police department blog and a newspaper blog, as the writers contribute 911 information gathered from local authorities to the Seattle PI format news format.
  7. SFGate Crime Scene: Follow crime scene investigations in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.
  8. The Crime Scene: Join The Washington Post as they follow local crime scene news.
  9. The Crime Scene: Another crime scene blog, this one is an award-winning blog focused on crime and justice in southwest Missouri.
  10. The Philosophical Cop Police Blog: A cop and philosopher, who also contributes to the Crime Report, talks about being a cop and all this job entails from a personal perspective.

Criminal Justice Blogs

  1. Chicago Justice Project: This mission behind this project is to increase public access to justice-related information, based on the guiding principle that access to accurate information is the foundation of any meaningful reform to the criminal justice system.
  2. Crime and Consequences: This blog focuses on crime and criminal law with information about civil cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, significant decisions in the field, links to news and discussions and studies on public policy implications related to crime and criminal justice.
  3. Criminal Justice: This blog is one of many at This particular blog focuses on prisons, wrongful indictments and information about human rights.
  4. Criminal Justice Online: This blog provides criminal justice practitioners, students and academics with online information and resources from a variety of writers and their perspectives.
  5. Grits for Breakfast: A highly popular blog that looks at the Texas justice system from the perspective of a former journalist turned “opposition researcher/political consultant, public policy researcher and blogger.”
  6. Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center: An insider’s view of what is really happening in the Harris County, Texas, Criminal Courts.
  7. Sentencing Law and Policy: This blog provides a national lens on criminal justice systems and their workings.
  8. The Confrontation Blog: This blog is devoted to developments in the Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004) case, which transformed the doctrine of the Confrontation Clause.
  9. The Innocence Project: The project is a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.
  10. The Truth About False Confessions: The purpose behind this blog is to education, promote specific reforms and to assist attorneys with clients who may have falsely confessed to crimes.

Crime Law Blogs

  1. American Constitution Society: The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is one of the nation’s leading progressive legal organizations. Their mission is to ensure that “fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice enjoy their rightful, central place in American law.”
  2. Capital Defense Weekly: This blogger updates this blog more frequently than once per week, and he focuses on national legal cases, executions and provides RSS feeds to other legal-worthy blogs on his site.
  3. Crime and Federalism: This blog exposes prosecutorial, police and other governmental misconduct and informs the public and members of the legal profession about important criminal and civil rights issues.
  4. CrimLaw: While it is unclear exactly where this person is located (possibly Virginia), the blog is entertaining and informative and provides plenty of links to other criminal law blogs.
  5. CrimProf Blog: Dean and professor of law at the University of San Diego School of Law, Kevin Cole, provides insights into international and national crime issues with his blog.
  6. Defending People: Or, the “Tao of Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering.” Learn more about the art and science fo criminal defense trial lawyering as well as other non-lawyer information at this blog.
  7. Extradition and Transnational Defense News: If you are interested in white collar crime, extradition procedures and how foreign nationals are represented, then you might want to follow this blog.
  8. Law of Criminal Defense: Although John Hall practices law in Little Rock, Arkansas, his focuse is on ethics issues throughout the U.S., in military courts, Canada and in international tribunals.
  9. Legal Blog Watch: Use this blog to stay informed about law stories found throughout the country. A variety of bloggers supply the content, which offers both entertaining and informative legal information.
  10. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Professor Podgor provides almost daily information about white collar crime issues.

Forensic Science Blogs

  1. All About Forensic Science: Although this site hosts a blog, it also provides a ‘library’ of information for anyone who seeks more information about forensic sciences.
  2. Crime & Punishment: The National Museum of Crime and Punishment offers a popular blog that focuses on forensics, the science behind those forensics and crime stories.
  3. Forensic Crime Scene: A couple, fascinated with forensic science and true-crime television shows, provides a forensics blog that is fun, riveting and educational.
  4. Forensic Focus Blog: Follow this blog if you want to learn more about computer forensics. This blog is part of a larger forensic community, so be sure to follow the links in the right column to gain more insight into this field.
  5. Forensic Photoshop: Learn how Adobe Photoshop software can be used to aid a forensic workflow.
  6. Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Psychology Law Blog: Dr. Karen Franklin is a forensic psychologist, former criminal investigator and legal affairs reporter. She imparts news relevant to forensic psychology in her blog.
  7. Forensic Science Blog: The University of Florida provides a teaching perspective to forensic sciences.
  8. Forensics Talk: A forensic nurse with 35 years of clinical nursing experience, along with paralegal training, health care fraud, document tampering, criminalistics and Medico-legal Death Investigation training, provides an insightful blog about legal and forensic issues.
  9. The Charles Smith Blog: Harold Levy used this blog to expose Dr. Charles Smith, who posed as a forensic pathologist. In the aftermath, Levy continues to expose similar ongoing cases.
  10. Tillers on Evidence and Inference: Follow this student of the law on evidence, inference and investigation as he shows how evidence is gathered for legal activities such as trials and pretrial discovery and investigation.

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