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How do you find the best school where you can obtain a criminal justice degree, no matter if it is online or on campus? In some cases, you can refer to the career that you want to have, such as a CIA agent. The CIA points to specific resources for training, but even some of the courses offered here can be obtained online in your own time.The important mission is to find a school that is accredited. You can accomplish this by finding highly-rated schools, as a school usually won’t achieve a high rating without accreditation. Beyond the accreditation, schools that achieve high rankings in different lists are based upon varied factors. Some rate schools according to students’ likes and dislikes. Other rankings are based upon complex averages that include accreditation, scholarly papers produced, the number of student graduates and even upon the number of students accepted.

One of the most popular school rankings around is provided by U.S. News and Report. The reason behind their popularity is that potential students can search for colleges by name, by various ranking criteria used in the methodology and by area and educational interest. Their searches are detailed, so you also can search by zip code, the amount of money you want to pay for tuition or room and board and more. This specific ranking does not cover online colleges or courses, but many colleges listed do offer online courses.

Another resource to use includes the Online Education Database (OEDb). This ranking system includes colleges that are accredited and that provide a quality education. Use their search engine to find careers in criminal justice, including forensic sciences, Homeland Security, psychology, political science and more.

Get Educated also offers a list of regionally accredited, distance master’s degrees in Criminal Justice, Law or Legal Studies from a U.S. graduate school at an affordable price. This list, among many others, can be found online. It’s up to you to do the research to find the best possible education for you goals.

Rankings serve a specific purpose: to help you find the best schools possible to study for the career you have in mind. However, some Nobel Prize winners have come from relatively unknown colleges. If the school is accredited and if you have the drive to obtain a high grade point average, then the only thing stopping you from reaching your dreams is time and money. Even then, you can search for grants, scholarships and loans to help you reach those goals!

Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Liberty University
BS in Criminal Justice

Liberty University — Liberty University is an online university that prepares students for success in their careers following graduation. Liberty University offers two programs in the field, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice, and a B.S. In Multidisciplinary Studies - Criminal Justice.
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Purdue University
AS in Criminal Justice
BS in Criminal Justice
MS in Criminal Justice

Purdue University — Purdue University is one of the largest accredited online colleges, and it offers a wide range of degree programs in the field of criminal justice. These programs include associates, bachelors, and masters in criminal justice, with possible specialties (depending on degree level) in Computer Crime, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Law, and Global Issues.
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American InterContinental University
BSCJ in Generalist
BSCJ in Law Enforcement
BSCJ in Case Mgmt and Corrections

American InterContinental University — American InterContinental University online is one of the most popular online universities for students interested in a criminal justice career. Degree programs at AIU include an BS in Criminal Justice, B.S. in Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement), and B.S. in Criminal Justice (Case Management and Corrections).
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Saint Leo University
AA in Criminal Justice
BA in Criminal Justice
BACJ in Criminalistics
MS in Criminal Justice
MSCJ in Forensic Science

Saint Leo University — For years, Saint Leo University has helped students across the county obtain Criminal Justice degrees through online programs. These programs cut many of the costs associated with campus programs and have the added benefit of being accessible from any computer. SLU has several degrees available including an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters in Criminal Justice as well as specialized programs for BACJ in Criminalistics and MSCJ in Forensic Science.
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